Raiden IV x Mikado Remix - Deluxe Edition [PS5]

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Remixed for Nintendo Switch, Raiden IV x MIKADO brings you the best of the classic series whilst including new music, game modes and more.

Experience the action-packed game that changed the history of arcade shooter ups as we know them.

Blast your way through the new Arcade and Overkill modes whilst listening to 16 nostalgic tracks produced by the GAME CENTRE MIKADO, and featuring famous artists!

  • Remixed background music produced by GAME CENTRE MIKADO, exclusively on Nintendo Switch
  • 16 tracks reborn with live performances and unique, new arrangements
  • A full suite of game modes including Arcade mode, Overkill mode and more
  • Supports vertical screen play to recreate the nostalgic arcade experience
  • Global leaderboard to track the best Aces in the world

Supports 1 - 2 players (offline)


Release Date: January 31st, 2023.