No Longer Human [PS4]

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No longer human is a high-energy cybergoth action game with expressive, freeform combat that encourages aggressive, stylish play. Set in the near future, brain-computer interfaces have become as commonplace as mobile phones, allowing users to submerge themselves entirely into the metaverse and abandon the physical world altogether. You assume the role of Tsunono, the once world famous vocaloid idol turned cyberdemon, on her destructive path to total world domination.

Kill the world. Become the cartographer of your own reality and cut down anyone who gets in your way in this surreal, Lynchian adventure down to the bedrock of the collective human psyche.

  • Includes brand new heavy rock and electronic music tracks that bring the world to life.
  • Features fresh and stylized graphics that sync with every attack and move you make.
  • Play as Tsunono, a failed vocaloid idol reshaped cyberdemon who turned to the deepweb assassination market.
  • Attacking enemies fills the "dopamine meter", then spend dopamine to perform special attacks.
  • Perfectly timed dodges grant slow motion.

Release Date: TBD