Liberated: Enhanced Edition (VGNY Soft) [Switch]

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Liberated: Enhanced Edition (VGNY Soft) [Switch]

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Liberated: Enhanced Edition: 

Is a video game that unfolds across the pages of a comic book. A revolution in digital comics, where action/adventure gameplay and story transition seamlessly across the pages of a hand-drawn graphic novel.


Liberated explores a tangible near-future: an always-online society ripe for the bloom of authoritarianism. As technology empowers government control, an insurgent group of Liberated men and women rises. This is not a story about good vs. evil, it?s a story about people and the truths they hold. But truth is a matter of perspective.


  • A video game that you play within comic book pages.
  • Side-scrolling action: gunplay, stealth, platforming.
  • Seamless transitions between gameplay and hand-drawn story panels.
  • Individually Numbered Release!
  • EXCLUSIVE VGNYsoft Cover limited to 1500pcs!

Enhanced Edition Includes:

  • 2 additional story DLCs
  • Full English voice-over
  • Gameplay enhancements.

Put on your mask and fight the system in an adventure shooter inside a paperback comic. Now enhanced with full voice-overs and 2 new story chapters.

Dive into a playable, hand-drawn comic book. Unravel a dystopian story paying homage to George Orwell, Black Mirror, Mr. Robot and Matrix. Jump, sneak, solve puzzles and shoot. Every “BLAM!” you take, and every “AARGH!” you make, fuel the fires of a cyberpunk revolution. Just watch out not to papercut your fingers!

Liberated: Enhanced Edition includes:

  • The acclaimed full game with enhancements in gameplay and content,
  • Full English voice-overs with immersive voice acting,
  • 2 epilogue chapters “For the Homeland" & "Glory to the Heroes”.

Supported Languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese - Brazil, Russian, Chinese, Polish.

Release Date: December 3rd, 2020.