Class of Heroes 1 & 2: Complete Edition [Switch]

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The Class of Heroes series has returned! Are you prepared to venture into dark winding dungeons teeming with magic and monsters! The original Anniversary Edition and 2G Remastered, classic dungeon crawlers offering a blend full of exploration, combat, and limitless possibilities.

  • The bundle contains over 120 hours of gameplay at an incredible price!
  • Student Customisation: Select the name, gender, alignment, and course for this year's students. Distribute points across different abilities to determine the strengths of both your vanguard and rearguard adventurers.
  • Monsters, Monsters, and More Monsters: Enemies hunt your every move within the dungeons. Customise your team's tactics to counter any unwanted beasts, but make sure to retreat when you're not adequately prepared!
  • Dangerous dungeons: The dungeons are filled with winding paths, diverse terrains, and environments for your students to master. Through these experiences, true adventurers can be made! Exploration is the key!
  • Equipping Items: With a wide array of options for weapons, Armor, and ability-granting accessories, you're never without a reliable source of protection by your side. Remember, the most adept adventurers are those who are ready!
  • Alchemy Recipes: The vast number of recipes alongside the flexible alchemy system allows you to transform items found in the labyrinths or customise your current weapons attributes.
  • Affinity Between Peers: Affinity amongst students is crucial for a team that works well together. Pay attention to different class-alignment affinities, to ensure your party gets the boost it needs.