Broadsword: Warlord Edition [Switch]

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Broadsword: Warlord Edition [Switch]

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Broadsword: WARLORD EDITION boasts turn-based strategy gameplay as players move from mission to mission in the Middle Ages.

Command one of five different armies: the English, The French, the Spanish, the Poles or the Hapsburgs. Lead different types of units into battle -- from archers, winged hussars, knights, longbowmen, pikemen, and catapults with special units per nationality. Control special hero units such as Henry III, Joan of Arc, Wladylaw I of Poland, and Peter of Castile, among others whose special 'hero' powers can affect the entire battlefield.


Players can construct buildings to raise units and Create resources for their empires.


  • Command one of five different factions.
  • Watch your troops fight boldly in full 3D Battle Action!
  • Control of hero units and use their powers to gain strategic advantage.
  • Command various types of units, from archers, knights, and pikemen to catapults.
  • Utilize your environment, gaining defensive bouses and healing from structures.


  • Five single-player campaigns to play.
  • Hotseat multiplayer for 2 player PVP games.
  • Champion Mode lets you create custom single-player matches with a variety of battlefields.


  • Play on a variety of maps in distinct weather conditions.Chose battle matchups wisely and victory will be yours.
  • Terrain can offer defensive advantages and movement penalties.
  • Turn-based combat lets you meticulously plan out your next move.
  • Construct & upgrade buildings like town centers, mines, mills, and farms to raise units and create resources for your empire!
  • Research different technologies like Forestry, ballistics, husbandry, and more to take your empire to the next tech level.
  • Hire mercenaries to strengthen your army and gain an edge.


Release Date: May 7th, 2024.